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A mini centrifugal fans running

Mar 16, 2021

Check electrical equipment, control and display instruments. Check the wind machine all the intake and exhaust duct systems. Check all equipment of the process system. Whether there is any abnormal noise inside the fan. Measure the vibration and temperature of the fan and motor bearing, and the specified data shall not be exceeded. Measure motor current and voltage. Check the oil leakage of the lubrication parts. After the fan reaches full speed, gradually open the regulating door to increase the air volume, paying attention to the current not exceeding the regulation. The fan should run for no less than 20 minutes after the bearing temperature is stable. After confirming that it meets the requirements of safety and stability, prepare for trial operation with load. The load trial operation is to confirm that all the equipment of the fan's intake and exhaust systems have been debugged after the no-load trial operation is completed and meet the requirements, and that the entire system has the conditions for the load trial operation.