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Ac Blower teaches you how to solve the problem of centrifugal Fan Impeller Wear

Mar 04, 2019

The AC air blower is a typical method for improving the skill line, and after the centrifugal fan is placed in the dust collector as much as possible, after the fan is arranged in the humidifying tower or the pipeline to be humidified, the exhaust fan of the drying heat source is placed in the dust collector, so that the wear of the fan is greatly facilitated, the wear-resistant engineering ceramic is compounded on the outer surface of the fan blade by using a high-strength high-temperature-resistant adhesive or special welding skill, This skill should be to deal with anti-shedding questions. Plasma surfacing, the blade deformation during surfacing, AC blower understands that such repeated welding will lead to cracks on the blade, prone to accidents. It is difficult to carburize the surface of the blade, and the position and thickness of the carburized layer are determined by the blade thickness and wear condition as well as the Carburizing skill when carburizing is practiced. Thermal spraying, choose plasma spraying method or oxyacetylene flame, spray ceramic or tungsten carbide or spray welding nickel-base tungsten carbide alloy on the wear surface of blade. The AC blower knows that for the users of centrifugal fans, wear questions are ubiquitous all the time, then there will be wear and tear in the process of operation of centrifugal fans into a variety of conditions, mainly refers to the wear between bearings, and then the impeller. The wear and tear of the whole machine will directly cause the use of the fan to fail to play a role in the severe appearance of the wear and tear.

Ac blower for reducing impeller wear also requires users to start with corrosion prevention, many times the fan corrosion will aggravate the fan wear appearance, so as to reduce the corrosion appearance of fan in operation. It is also a subject that users need to discuss in the process of using fan. It is not enough for the AC blower to ensure the smooth operation of the fan only from these aspects, and we all know that the wind function can't stick to the longest application function, and the maintenance and protection degree of the fan is inseparable, and a perfect maintenance plan is that the user will need to have it.www.jnblower.com