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Advantages of cabinet centrifugal fan and design of structural components

Dec 19, 2017

As a professional centrifugal fan manufacturer , in order to meet the requirements of users , a cabinet centrifugal fan is introduced through long - term research and improvement . The fan has the advantages of high temperature resistance , excellent performance , novel structure , compact structure , small vibration , light weight , convenient installation and use , and is an ideal ventilation device for high - rise buildings .

Cabinet type centrifugal fan is provided with a plurality of different import and export direction, to meet the needs of different users need to install; because the equipment parts have achieved mold production, so the size is not only high, but also in the disassembled and reassembled, is very convenient.

As the main components of centrifugal fan cabinet design, digestion of impeller, absorbs advantages of many advanced products, the strong wing blade impeller has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, large volume, stable operation, stable quality, durability and other characteristics. There are cabinet volute fan, made of galvanized steel board quality through mechanization and quality, excellent performance.

The motor of the cabinet type centrifugal fan is installed outside the box so that it can be separated from the high temperature exhaust system. so as to ensure that the fan can run continuously for more than 60 minutes under the condition of high temperature of 300 deg c , thereby ensuring the stability and safety of the equipment .

These are all about the advantages of structural design and functional characteristics of the cabinet centrifugal fan. Before the operation of the equipment, we must do a good job of inspection, only in this way to ensure the smooth implementation of its application. And achieve a higher use effect.http://www.jnblower.com/