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Air-conditioning fan air blade can not run treatment plan

May 28, 2020

In life, the air-conditioning fan blade will not be able to run the situation, but do not rush to the conclusion, first look at the following:

First of all, usually in the process of using air conditioning, the main control switch of air conditioning caused by poor contact, you can take a multimeter to measure the contact resistance of this main control switch, if the resistance is too large or zero, then friends will find professional personnel to repair or replace the treatment!

Second, the air conditioning has been used for a long time, the air conditioning fan motor coil will appear damage phenomenon, of course, the same is to be checked, if you do not know this point, it is best to find a professional person to carry out inspection and maintenance.

Third, it is possible that the tight nail between the motor of the fan and the wind blade has the phenomenon of loosening, this time only need to fasten the fastening screw.

Finally, you can see if the fan capacitor is short-circuited, and the use of household appliances at home too much will also lead to this situation, if this reason, friends will be timely replacement capacitors.