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All forms of wear on impellers in centrifugal fans

Jun 20, 2017

Like other equipment, centrifugal fans will inevitably wear out after a long period of use, especially its impeller. The centrifugal fan impeller wear in many ways, each of which may be caused by different reasons, so the centrifugal fan impeller wear and tear problems must be targeted analysis.

Through comprehensive analysis, the centrifugal fan impeller wear degree of influence is abrasive wear. If the device has solid particles at a certain speed and impeller surface relative operation, will produce such adverse consequences.

That is to say, the uneven contact surfaces will be affected by the filing effect under relative motion, or the grinding of solid particles dispersed between the interfaces is the main reason for the impeller wear of centrifugal fans. Therefore, only by improving the smoothness of the contact surface can reduce the wear.

DSC_9015 ps.jpg

Another form of centrifugal fan impeller wear is known as adsorption wear, when the other conditions are the same, even if the machining accuracy, grade and cleanliness of the machined surface are better fitted together, the wear still exists. That is because the interface is close to the reason, resulting in significant molecular adsorption, thereby increasing the interface wear.

Erosion wear is also one of the impeller wear forms of centrifugal fans. It is also caused by solid particles, it causes erosion on the surface of the impeller when it is scouring against the metal surface, thus causing the impeller to be abraded.

In addition, there is also a normal form of wear, that is, fatigue wear.

Because of surface crack or scale drop due to surface fatigue stress. As can be seen from the above analysis, the types and positions of impellers’ wear in various forms of centrifugal fans are different, but they all belong to part wear, mainly locate on the working surface of the blade and near the rear disk.