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Analysis of the cause of high bearing temperature of anti-corrosion fan

Apr 04, 2019

The bearing temperature exceeds the standard, which is one of the important factors to damage the bearing. The main causes of high bearing temperature are the following:

(1) poor lubrication quality. The aim of lubrication is to create friction between solid and liquid without direct contact between static and static parts. If the quantity or quality of lubricating oil is not enough, it will make the dynamic and dynamic part of friction heat, or heat can not be removed through the lubricating oil, and the bearing temperature will rise.

(2) the assembly quality of rolling bearing is poor. If the inner sleeve and shaft are not tight enough, the clearance between the jacket and the bearing seat is too large or too small.

(3) the bearing is of poor quality. The sliding bearing has poor scraping quality, poor contact with black gold or out of tire, and the rolling bearing has cracks, cracks and spalling on the rolling surface, which will destroy the stability and uniformity of the oil film and heat the bearing on the surface.

(4) the sealing felt is too tight to heat.

(5) The bearing vibration is too large to bear the impact load, and the stability of the lubricating oil film is seriously affected.

(6) the cooling capacity of the bearing is insufficient or interrupted, which affects the discharge of heat and causes the bearing temperature to rise.www.jnblower.com