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Analysis on Air Volume of Fan

Jan 15, 2018

The fan capacity is selected according to the maximum air volume required by the process equipment, but the air volume required by the equipment is large or small when it is actually produced and operated. Therefore, according to the needs of operation, adjusting the air volume of fans is a common way to realize the energy saving operation of fans.

There are usually 2 ways:

(1) control the inlet and outlet of the air valve;

(2) control the rotation speed of the motor.

To control the air volume by adjusting the opening of the air valve: the constant speed motor is often used in the industrial production. The power of motor shaft is proportional to the power of motor shaft in the process of reducing the starting mode of fan load and regulating the opening of air valve to control the air volume by closing the air valve.

The advantage of adopting the method of regulating air valve to control the air volume is that the initial investment is less and the control is simple, which is always used in industrial production, but its disadvantage is that when regulating the air valve to control the air volume. The running efficiency of fan equipment is significantly reduced, the power loss is large, and the energy saving effect is not obvious.

The principle of energy saving is based on the relationship among air volume, pressure, speed and torque, and the air volume is proportional to the speed of speed. The power of motor shaft is proportional to the cubic of rotating speed. When the ventilation system only needs half of the air volume, the speed of the motor can be reduced by 50%, and the output power of the motor is only 12.5%. The control speed is adopted to control the air volume. The power loss is the lowest, and the energy saving effect is considerable.

The energy-saving method of speed control air volume is very ideal. There are a variety of AC motor speed regulation methods, such as variable pole speed regulation, stator voltage speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation and so on. With the development and popularization of frequency conversion technology. Frequency converter products high performance, using frequency converter speed regulation to achieve fan energy saving began to replace the wind valve control scheme.

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