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Installation and maintenance of centrifugal Fan for plastic Machinery

Aug 01, 2019

The plastic mechanical centrifugal fan is mainly used in the fields of metallurgy, petrifaction, electric power, urban rail transit, textile, ship and other national economic fields as well as the ventilation of various places. The surface of the unit is treated by electrostatic spraying, has elegant color and beautiful appearance, can be directly placed on the indoor floor, and is matched with interior decoration, easy to assemble and disassemble, and reliable in performance.

The coil unit of the centrifugal fan of plastic machinery is installed on the horizontal plane, keeping it vertical and not tilting, the horizontal unit, and the four hanging points must keep the level of the unit at the installation time, so as to prevent the condensate overflow caused by the elevation of one end of the condensate pipe. Valves should be fitted in and out of the water pipe to facilitate adjustment and maintenance. The mixed flow fiberglass cooling tower adopts the standard components transportation and field installation of the upper and lower boxes, which greatly facilitates the transportation and installation of the products. The fans and pumps of the mixed flow glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower use high quality bearings, except for other running wear parts. The fan adopts direct connection structure and has no transmission loss caused by belt wheel structure. The noise is low and the failure rate is low.www.jnblower.com