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Application of Air suspension centrifugal Fan in plastic Machinery

Jun 29, 2018

As a kind of centrifugal fan with unique structure, air suspension centrifugal fan has been used in many industries, because this kind of equipment itself has more performance characteristics, so that it can stand firm in the market. Become an indispensable and important equipment.

In the field of application of air suspension centrifugal fan, plastic machinery is included. Because the air suspension centrifugal fan has the dual function of blowing and suction, it can be used for both suction and blowing. Less oil or no oil running, the output air is clean.

The pressure of the air suspension centrifugal fan is much higher than that of the ordinary centrifugal fan and the medium pressure fan. If the pump body is a whole die casting and uses a shockproof mounting foot, then the requirements for the installation foundation are also very low. Even can be operated without a fixed pedal, very convenient, but also very save installation costs and installation cycle.

The outstanding advantages of air suspension centrifugal fan are also reflected in the operation process, such as its low noise, maintenance free use, less wear and tear, equipment in the shelf life when basically no maintenance. And because the air suspension centrifugal fan machine wear is very small, because there is no other than the bearing mechanical contact part.

Therefore, the service life of air suspension centrifugal fan is of course very long, as long as it is in the normal use condition of 3 ~ 5 years is completely no problem. The use of air suspension centrifugal fan in plastic machinery can prolong its service life, reduce noise, and simplify installation, so that the equipment can operate better.http://www.jnblower.com/