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Application of axial flow fan in bungalow

Sep 06, 2020

Axial flow fan has been loved by many storage enterprises because of its large amount of wind and energy saving, especially in Weian rural bungalow. The application of integrated axial flow ventilator in granary is discussed.

1.Air separator

Because the proportion of cereals and light miscellaneous is different, the portable axial flow fan is used to clear the miscellaneous. The history time of wind separator to go miscellaneous can say origin flow is long, method, way many. Only one axial flow fan must be set up at the opening of the belt conveyor. The size of the exhaust volume is adjusted by moving the distance between the axial fan and the raw material, which can reasonably clear the miscellaneous objects. Advantages: save people, energy, energy, do not harm the sustainability of the work, the defect is dust.

2. Equilibrium chamber temperature, reducing cold and wet transmission

After the new grain depot, immediately leveling the grain surface, buried in the temperature cable, into the normal storage link. Before the whole silo is closed, ventilation is very important, for two reasons:

(1) Grain layer temperature difference: Weian rural bungalow warehouse capacity, long storage time, batch number grain temperature is different, there is temperature difference.

(2) Grain wetness: because the same batch of grain into the storehouse is the same warehouse, the same kind, but the origin, the time of the storehouse, the water, the residue and so on have certain differences, plus the long time of the storehouse, there is cold and wet accumulation in the storehouse, which is a certain safety hazard in the storage work. Generally speaking, the ventilation regulations and performance parameters of this stage should conform to the technical specification of grain and oil storage, and it is best to use cereal cooler for initial cooling. In order to save money, it can also be ventilated by axial flow fan without the condition of ultra-low temperature storage, but the main parameters of ventilation time and air are strict. This stage, according to the short-term ventilation, can achieve two objectives: one is to balance the warehouse temperature, warehouse wet, can reasonably avoid part of the condensate and ironing, for the next storage laid a good opening; the other is to deal with the problems in the grain heap in time, ventilation, according to the micro-machine inspection can deal with high temperature points in time, immediate inspection, proper treatment, in order to prevent the retention of safety risks.

3. Reduce chamber temperature and vaporization in summer

(1) Reduce warehouse temperature in summer

Summer because of the average temperature rise, grain temperature will also slowly increase. Most heat exchangers are based on roofs and windows, very roof. When there is no standard improvement of the top of the warehouse, we can use the ultra-low temperature in summer night (relatively speaking) to properly open the axial flow fan and go in three steps: first, open the axial flow exhaust machine and drain out the heat accumulated at the top of the warehouse. Second, open the centrifugal fan and working door, out of the warehouse area has heat. Practical experience, this kind of way can reduce warehouse temperature up and down 5℃, slow down the increase of grain temperature.

(2) After fumigation, the toxic gas in the indoor space of the warehouse is removed immediately, which is closely combined with the ventilation of course, which can reduce the air release time, so as to facilitate the staff to enter the warehouse inspection work.

4. Reduction of warehouse and grain temperatures in winter

Axial flow fan in winter temperature reduction work, in all normal conditions of grain conditions, can completely replace centrifugal fan, to reduce the temperature of grain heap. The air standard according to the location of the operation area (e.g.: December :0-10℃; January :-5-5℃; February-2-15℃). In general, ventilation has just begun in October. Mechanical ventilation takes three steps:

(1) In the middle and late September, the middle and late September, the grain temperature was pulled below 20℃, based on ventilation up and down a week.

(2) In the middle of November, a series of ventilation efforts were made to reduce the grain temperature below 15℃, taking advantage of the beneficial opportunities of low evening temperatures.

(3) In mid-February, a closed warehouse will be available at the beginning of March, using an effective time to work for a further period of time to enhance and smooth ventilation.