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Application of High Voltage Inverter in Blower

Apr 20, 2018

By reforming the high pressure blower with frequency conversion, the thermal power plant reduces the energy loss of the equipment, improves the production efficiency and obtains considerable social and economic benefits. The original operation mode of the blower is to start at reduced pressure and run at the power frequency. Its air volume is also regulated by the method of regulating the air door. The disadvantages of this control mode are large waste of electric energy, large waste of fuel, poor real-time regulation, high noise, and heavy labor intensity of workers. With the wide range adjustment of power generation load, the air volume of blower is often in a low efficiency state because of the change of boiler load, and a large amount of energy is wasted on the air duct baffle. In recent years, with the rapid development of high voltage frequency conversion technology, boiler drum, induced fan frequency conversion has been widely used.

Other effects of the application of high voltage frequency conversion speed regulation system are as follows: improving the process, prolonging the service life of motor and fan, reducing the wear of valve machinery and fan impeller, and realizing the automation of dust removal control system.http://www.jnblower.com/