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Assembly and Inspection of Blower

Jun 26, 2019

The assembly of the blower includes the installation of the bearing, the installation of the partition plate and the seal, the table and positioning of the rotor, the fastening of the casing, and the like.

1 Installation requirements for bearings:

1) tight coordination between the parts of the bearing itself

2) The bushing is firmly placed in the hole of the bushing box.

3) the rotor has good lubrication and cooling conditions in the bearing.

4) ensure that the position of the rotor in the stator meets the requirements


2 installation of partition and seal: the partition should be cleaned and checked before installation to eliminate bumps and pile up, and apply molybdate disulfide oil on the matching surface, which can be lubricated and rust-proof.

3 rotor turning on and positioning

After the position of the rotor in the stator is determined, the position value (radial and axial) of the rotor relative to the bearing box hole should be recorded for reference during maintenance.

4 The fastening of the housing

After the blower is qualified in assembly, the coaxiality with the governor gear should be re-measured and corrected, and then the upper and lower half of the housing can be fastened, and the joint surface of the upper and lower casing should be glued. Before tightening the bolt on the middle side, the free clearance of the middle face should not be greater than 0.12 ≤ 0.16 mm. For the excess position, the cause should be eliminated (such as partition, seal with interference, pile height uplift caused by local collision of stator components, etc.). If the error caused by the deformation of the housing is determined, the clearance can be cleared after tightening the bolt, and the assembly accuracy of the machine can not be repaired without affecting the assembly accuracy of the machine.