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Assembly requirements and specified range of Boiler centrifugal Fan

May 23, 2019

When assembling the housing of boiler centrifugal fan, the position of the casing shall be found on the basis of the rotor axis line and the axial and radial clearance between the impeller inlet and the housing inlet shall be high speed to the range specified in the technical documents of the equipment, At the same time, check whether the anchor bolt is fastened. When the gap value is not specified in the equipment technical document, the general axial clearance should be 1 / 100 of the outer diameter of the impeller, the radial clearance should be evenly distributed, and the value should be 1.5 / 1000 ~ 3 / 1000 of the outer diameter of the impeller (if the outer diameter is small). When adjusting, try to reduce the clearance value in order to improve the efficiency of the fan.

When the boiler centrifugal fan is timing, the radial positioning shift should not exceed 0.05 mm and the tilt should not exceed 0.2 / 1000 for the different shafts of the air turbine shaft and the motor shaft. The centrifugal fan assembled with rolling bearings and the different shafts of bearing holes on the two bearing frames can be rotated flexibly after the rotor is installed. The installation of centrifugal fan unit should be directly placed on the basis of a pair of oblique cushion iron leveling.

In the field assembly of boiler centrifugal fan, the cutting surface on the base should be properly protected and should not be corroded or operated. When the base is placed on the foundation, the inclined cushion iron should be applied to leveling. The bearing seat and the base should be closely engaged, the longitudinal unhorizontal degree should not exceed 0.2 / 1000, the horizontal bottom should not exceed 0.3 / 1000 on the spindle, and the horizontal plane should be measured on the horizontal plane of the bearing seat.www.jnblower.com