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Assembly sequence and adjusting technique of important parts in centrifugal fan

Sep 15, 2017

The first step in the assembly of the air intake box of the centrifugal fan adjustment mechanism is to lift the associated assembly, combining air intake box according to drawing requirements. Don't forget to add a heat-resistant asbestos rubber sheet in the middle and then bolt it together. In the process, attention should be installed as shown in the drawing, not reversed or wrong.

The second step is to install the drive shaft of the centrifugal fan. Then the electric actuator and the underframe are installed on the foundation with anchor bolts, The connecting rod mechanism is installed again, adjust the position to the diaphragm. Weld the connecting rod and then grout to tighten the anchor bolts.

After the assembly of the centrifugal fan inlet box to adjust the door mechanism, near the start of hydraulic coupler and fan shaft adjustment. The hydraulic coupling on the floor before the first of its inspection instruments, ensure the end face of the machine coupling is vertical. If the deviation, adjusted by shims in the following non fixed end bearing box, try to make it close to the correct position, namely the 2.5 parallel to the provisions of the coupling, the gap.

Note that, during operation of the centrifugal fan, the hydraulic coupling must be installed into the fan shaft ratio is low; and the output coupling sub ah have to increase the gap, when necessary, between the base and the hydraulic coupler anchor gasket corrected.

After the adjustment of the hydraulic coupling of the centrifugal fan is completed as required, do not forget the good lubrication of corresponding parts. Keep it in good working order , then centrifugal fans can operate stably.

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