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Attention points of centrifugal fan painting

May 06, 2020

1 Before painting the centrifugal fan must be handled in place, specifically related to oil removal, decontamination, but also to confirm that welding and parts surface smooth do not allow appearance defects; then will maintain the primary color of parts such as motor and other items of the surface packaging.

2 The cleanliness of the environment is also important for the paint quality of centrifugal fans, so the dust on the ground and the surrounding objects must be cleaned up.

3 The paint used in centrifugal fan spraying should be matched according to a certain proportion in advance, basically to ensure that the viscosity of the paint meets the technical requirements and after the completion of painting must not have leakage spray, bubble, orange peel and other quality defects.

4 Because the motor wheel of centrifugal fan, triangle belt and other moving parts in the production process of safety risks, so to spray color eye-catching paint. After the drying or natural drying of the whole machine riveted on the sign and product nameplate, to ensure that the riveting firm, no vibration deformation, and consistent with the product.