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Attribute Analysis of Inclined Flow Fan and the Relation of Pole Number

Jun 02, 2018

Price of Outer Rotor Axial Flow Fan

At present, the axial flow fan in the fan is widely used and used in some fields, such as ventilation, heat dissipation and air exchange. Therefore, based on the extensive application of this kind of fan, the following will be thoroughly understood, so, It can realize the correct use and reasonable use of the fan, and then improve the performance and working efficiency of the fan.

1. What should be done on the power supply before the axial flow fan is put into trial operation?

The axial flow fan, a fan, needs to do some work on the specific part of the power supply before commissioning. The specific purpose is to first check whether the fan power supply voltage is within the prescribed range, if there are any deviations, etc. Appropriate adjustments should be made, not solutions. Second, to electric power, check the fan impeller and casing outside the arrow direction is consistent, if not consistent, is to adjust the power phase.


2. Are the three fans comparable, axial fan, centrifugal fan and mixed flow fan?

Axial flow fan, centrifugal fan and mixed flow fan, these are three kinds of fan, and are common and common type. These three kinds of fans can also be reclassified. Moreover, each fan has its own characteristics, performance parameters and range of use, so, it is difficult to compare, it can be said that there is no comparability. However, in order of cost comparison, these three kinds of fans are centrifugal fan, mixed flow fan and axial fan.

3. Inclined flow fan, is it an axial fan or a centrifugal fan?

Inclined flow fan, which is one of the fan, its inlet and outlet air angle is 180 degrees. The angle of inlet and outlet of axial fan is 180 degrees, and that of centrifugal fan is 90 degrees. Therefore, from this point of view, the inclined flow fan belongs to the axial flow fan, not the centrifugal fan, because the oblique flow fan and the axial flow fan are the same in the inlet and outlet air angle.

4. What is the relationship between the number of poles and the price of the external rotor axial fan? What are the specific categories?

In the axial flow fan, there is an external rotor axial flow fan, but this kind of fan has different poles, so it corresponds to different fan price. Moreover, from a professional point of view, the relationship between the two is proportional, that is, the higher the number of poles of the external rotor axial flow fan, the higher the fan price. In addition, the fan in specific categories, there are single-phase asynchronous capacitor operation and three-phase asynchronous operation.http://www.jnblower.com/