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Availability and pressure comparison of Open Impeller in Axial Fan

Jul 03, 2018

Axial flow fan is widely used in many industries and fields. Therefore, based on this, and in order to let everyone have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the axial fan, and use it correctly and reasonably, we will explain the relevant knowledge in order to achieve our goal.

1. Can an axial fan use an open impeller? Is it different from centrifugal pump impeller?

Axial fan can use an open impeller. This kind of impeller has only the blade and the blade stiffener, no front and back cover plate, the leaf number is 2 to 5 pcs. In application, it is the transport of high viscosity liquid and slurry liquid.

The impeller of centrifugal pump is different from the impeller of axial fan, because the impeller of centrifugal pump is usually a back bent blade, so it is not suitable for axial fan. So the impellers of the two devices are different.

2.axial flow fan or inclined flow fan, which fan’s pressure is bigger?

Axial flow fan, its focus is air volume, so in the pressure can be smaller, generally below 300pa, and inclined flow fan, it will sacrifice part of the air volume to increase pressure and improve the fan itself, so in fan pressure, is about 800pa. Therefore, to sum up, is inclined flow fan pressure to be greater.

3. If there is a volume requirement in installation, is it an axial fan or a centrifugal fan? Is the air volume and pressure affecting the price of the axial fan?

In the installation of the fan, if the volume is required, the axial flow fan should be chosen instead of the centrifugal fan, because the axial flow fan is relatively small and easy to install, however, it depends on the actual working conditions.

Air flow and wind pressure, this is the two important parameters of the fan, so it has a great impact on the price of the axial fan. In addition, it will have an impact on the motor that is configured, mainly affecting the motor type selection. Therefore, we should pay attention to the two parameters of the fan in order to correctly locate the price of the axial fan.