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Axial fan cross section shape and muffler and Motor alignment

Apr 14, 2018

1.Cross section of axial fan

The cross section of the axial fan is, from a professional point of view, a section. So the blade in the fan can be fixed or rotated around the vertical axis of the fan. The blade spacing or the angle between the blade and the airflow can be adjusted or unadjustable, mainly depending on the actual operating conditions and requirements. The advantage of this fan is that it can change the blade angle or blade spacing.

In addition, we need to know that the blade spacing of the axial fan, if the blade spacing is small, can produce a smaller flow rate, and properly increasing the blade spacing can increase the fan flow rate.

2. muffler for the axial fan

The axial fan uses muffler to reduce the noise of fan operation. It's usually a circular structure. There are two types of cavity structure: single cavity structure and double cavity structure. Plate can use micro-perforated plate, material can be used stainless steel or aluminum alloy plate.

3.Distinction between Axial Fan and exhaust Fan and Motor alignment of Axial Fan

Axial fan and exhaust fan, these two are not comparable, therefore, can not be distinguished. And these two classification standards are not same. Furthermore, the axial fan can be an exhaust fan, and the exhaust fan can also be an axial fan.

The specific operation steps of the motor alignment in the axial fan are as follows:

First, the half-coupling at both ends of the drive shaft is divided into four equal parts and marked well. Then, the two magnetic pedestal is fixed in the same equal division position of the half coupling, which is necessary and can be fixed. After that , the dial gauge is fixed on the table base and the collation is performed . Gently turning a circle, on the equal position of the table number, and judging by this work. When you recheck the alignment data of the table, that is finishing the work.http://www.jnblower.com/