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Axial fans use air switches to illustrate and characterize the external rotor type

Sep 20, 2017

1.220V, 0.75A, and 150W axial fans. Which type should be used to use the air switch?

If you want to match the air switch, if so, the switch type, using a common dz47-63/2p D10A, because it can satisfy the requirement of use. While the air switch plays a role that is when the circuit current exceeds the rated value, will automatically disconnect, thus, to ensure the safety of circuit operation.

2. What are the features and applications of axial fans in axial fans?

he main characteristic of axial fan is the axial fan of external rotor, Generally speaking, it is characterized by compact structure, easy installation, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency. Therefore, the utility model can be used as a supporting device for a refrigerator or a cold storage or as a ventilation and heat radiating device. Therefore, you can see it in the hotel, mining, office and other occasions.

3.In the elevator room, what kind of voltage can the axial fan have? Are they the same on the wiring?

If the axial fan is used in the elevator room, then, there are two main types of fan voltage, single-phase and three-phase. If it is single-phase, it is for 220V, usually for two lines. Sometimes, however, a ground wire is added. Three phase, then 380V, is the four connection, three phase lines and one zero line, or a ground wire.

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