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Axial flow fan life test method and comparison of different types of structure

Sep 27, 2017

1.Is the impeller material of the axial fan same for industry or civil use? In addition, how to test its life?

Axial fan, which is used in industry and civil, is different in impeller material. The former is made of steel, and the latter is plastic. As for how to test the service life of the fan, it is very simple, Just frequently start, operating, and closing down.

2.Are axial fans and centrifugal fans interchangeable in the new air system? In addition, is the air conditioner external fan axial flow fan?

In the new air system, axial fans and centrifugal fans are not interchangeable. Because they are different, there is a big difference. The air conditioner fan, which can be axial fan, there is no problem to use this fan, can have good results.

3.Is the structure same for the small low pressure and large high pressure axial fans?

Small low pressure axial fan mainly consists of impeller, casing and current collector etc. The large high pressure axial fan consists of six parts: impeller, shell, diffuser, streamline, current collector and transmission parts. Therefore, they are different in their structural composition.


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