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Basic facilities and Operation requirements of centrifugal Fan in Power Station

Dec 28, 2018

The centrifugal fan of power station is, to some extent, the special machinery after the ordinary fan is improved and applied in some aspects. Although functionally the centrifugal fan may be more diversified, it is similar in some infrastructure to its parts maintenance.

The centrifugal fan of power station needs to be one of the rotors which guarantee the smooth operation of the fan. The rotor is actually a very small part, but it plays a great role in the operation of the fan, and it can not be ignored. In fact, the rotor mechanism is very simple, is a cylindrical structure, its main role is to fix the main rotation shaft, the fan can make smooth operation.

In general, some conditions need to be determined in advance in the design of centrifugal fan. Usually, the given conditions are: volume flow rate, total pressure of equipment, working medium and other requirements, so as to determine the main dimensions of centrifugal fan, such as diameter and diameter ratio, Rotational speed, inlet and outlet width, inlet and outlet blade angle and number of blades. In addition, the shape of the blade and the design of the diffuser can be determined in turn.www.jnblower.com