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Bearing and Lubrication of centrifugal Fan

Dec 06, 2018

Centrifugal fan bearings mainly use the following two types of bearings. One is spherical bearing, this kind of bearing has eccentric lock sleeve, when installing, pay attention to the rotation direction of the lock sleeve must be opposite to the fan spindle rotation direction and lock again. Such bearings generally do not require additional grease.


The other is seat bearing, also with eccentric lock. Seat bearings generally need to be regularly filled with grease. Lubricating oil can be injected through the oil mouth. The validity of the lubricating oil depends on the type of grease, the speed of the bearing and the operating temperature. The best way to judge whether to refuel or not is to observe the old oil removed when new oil is added, which can prolong the interval of oil exchange. If the oil removed is much more black than the new one, it should be shortened if the oil is oxidized.


It is important to note that the bearing with eccentric locking sleeve in centrifugal fan, bearing inner diameter and main shaft match is mostly clearance fit. After removing the lock sleeve, the upper and lower installation is looser and better. It mainly depends on the locking sleeve to fasten the position on the main shaft.www.jnblower.com