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Brief Analysis of anticorrosion problem of Industrial centrifugal Fan

Jun 12, 2019

When it comes to the centrifugal fan used in the industry, we have to face one thing that causes the user to get a headache:the centrifugal fan is used in the chemical raw material for a long time, and the centrifugal fan corrosion problem is encountered. How to effectively mitigate the corrosion problem of industrial centrifugal fan?

1. Select the correct material centrifugal fan. Different materials and separation requirements, need to choose different models. After the model and parameters are determined, according to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments, their physical and chemical properties, performance-price ratio and many other factors are synthesized, so as to determine the strength, parts and materials on the basic surface. Therefore, from the point of view of the material itself, the target material is safe.

2. Complete design of centrifugal fan mechanism. A good design can prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment. For the traditional structural design, the design defects that are easy to accelerate corrosion are stress concentration tendency and gap environment, sometimes although the corrosion rate is small in metal immersion solution. However, the formation of crevice, due to the changes in the chemical and electrochemical state of the internal solution, will cause serious corrosion.

3. Isolate and corrode the environment. In the design of centrifugal fan, surface treatment methods, such as flange, galvanization, chromium plating, chemical coating and so on, are often used. These methods are effective in many environments, but for rotating parts, The linear expansion coefficient of substrate material and coating must be considered, which will be counterproductive if it is not well grasped.www.jnblower.com