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Cause and treatment of excessive temperature in bearing of centrifugal Fan

Apr 27, 2019

There are three kinds of reasons for abnormal temperature rise of centrifugal fan bearing: poor lubrication, insufficient cooling, abnormal bearing. Centrifugal fan bearings placed outside the fan, if the fatigue wear due to bearing desquamate, hemp pit, clearance caused by the increase in temperature, generally by listening to the bearing sound and measuring vibration and other methods to judge, such as bad lubrication, The reason for insufficient cooling is easier to judge.


1. The lubricating oil is used incorrectly.

(1) whether refueling is appropriate. The bearing box shall be fueled according to the requirements of regular work. Bearings sometimes after refueling will also appear high temperature, mainly refueling too much. The phenomenon is that the temperature continues to rise at a certain point (generally about 10 ~ 15 higher than the normal operating temperature) will remain unchanged, and then will gradually decline.

2Verify that the above problem does not exist and then check the bearing box.

The use of winter oil in summer, summer oil in winter, too much or too little oil will be used in the operation of the fan bearing heating phenomenon. When refueling, you must pay attention to drawings or instructions for fan oil instructions, you can avoid this similar occurrence.


2, the cooling water is not put in or the flow rate is too small.

The use of cooling water plays a particularly important role in the operation of rotating machinery. Before the fan runs, the first thing to confirm is whether the cooling water valve is open. After opening, the flow rate of cooling water should be observed from the observing glass of the flowmeter to ensure that the fan can be started only on this premise. If the cooling water is not put into operation, the bearing temperature will rise after running for a period of time, and the bearing will burn out when it is serious.www.jnblower.com