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Causes of blade wear of induced fan

May 19, 2020

1Wear on dust removal fans:

When used in chemical plants, due to long-term accumulation, a large amount of dust in the work will cause damage to wind bearings, blades and motors. Because of the small particle size and many kinds of dust, many dust can not be effectively removed, and it is easy to form wounds in the fragile parts of the fan.

2 Unreasonable operating conditions:

The draft fan has the function of preventing system wear, structure and function. This changes the running state of the fan motor, rotor, blade, changes the internal structure of the fan, changes the truck, carries on the air movement offset and the movement, causes the fan to wear more seriously. long driving, the wear of the electric fan under high load is enhanced.

3 The fan selected by the chemical plant went wrong:

different positions, different function settings. In order to adapt to different design states, the difference of gap, function and need between design and forms the problem of fan selection. Fan overload operation and fan wear are easy to form problems.

4Too fast:

The running speed is another important cause of fan wear. According to the data analysis of fan wear, the degree of wear is positively related to the speed of fan running, the speed of fan running is doubled, the wear of fan is three times, the wear of fan is common, and the square of fan running speed is the pillar.