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Causes of malfunction during fan operation

Jul 20, 2018

1 the blower vibrates violently

The fan shaft is not concentric with the motor shaft.

The stiffness of the foundation or integral bracket is not enough.

Impeller bolt or rivet loosening and impeller deformation.

Impeller shaft disc hole and shaft fit loose.

Housing, bearing and support, bearing and bearing cover connection bolts loose.

The blade has accumulated ash , dirt , blade wear , and the impeller deformation axis bends to make the rotor unbalance .

The blower enters, the outlet pipe installs badly, produces the resonance.


2 bearing heating is too high

Bearing box vibrates violently.

Poor quality of grease or oil, deterioration and dust, sand, dirt or other impurities or improper filling.

Shaft and rolling bearing installation askew, the front and rear bearings are not concentric.

The outer ring of the rolling bearing rotates. Friction with the bearing box

Rotation of the inner ring of the rolling bearing relative to the spindle (I. E. friction between the running inner ring and the spindle)

Rolling bearing damage or shaft bending.

Too little or no cooling water (for fans that require water cooling bearings).


3 casing or air inlet and impeller friction

4 motor current is too high or temperature rise is too high

When starting, the internal gate of the regulating door or outlet pipe is not strictly closed.

Motor input voltage is low or single-phase power supply is off.

Fan conveying medium temperature is too low (that is, gas density is too large), resulting in motor overload.

System performance and fan performance do not match. The system has low resistance and large amount of wealth, which causes the fan to operate in the area of low pressure and large flow.http://www.jnblower.com/