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Centrifugal blower

Jan 16, 2017

Used latest design, and meet "three of" standard of two row big spacing cupola furnace, for currently domestic casting industry General used of a cupola furnace, its main structure features for has two row outlet, row from larger, end of Coke burning formed two a independent of burning with, through elongated overheating district, increased has iron overheating away and the end of coke of fierce burning, furnace condition stable, iron temperature high, iron quality good. In accordance with the supply air temperature is divided into air, furnace hot air structure, by picking a variety of different melting temperature air to reach requirements.

Furnace hot-use reinforced physical heat in the heat exchanger of boiler exhaust gas heat furnace cold air, hot air temperature 180-250 ℃, has a workshop area, compact structure, convenient operation and low thermal inertia and so on characteristics