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centrifugal fan of plastics machinery's production requirements and transmission mode

Mar 30, 2019

The plastic mechanical centrifugal fan is a variable-flow constant-pressure device during the operation, and when the rotating speed is constant, the pressure-flow theoretical curve of the centrifugal fan of the plastic mechanical centrifugal fan is a straight line. The actual characteristic curve is curved due to internal losses. The pressure generated in the centrifugal fan is affected by the change in the inlet temperature or density. The lowest pressure is generated for a given amount of intake air, the highest intake air temperature (the lowest air density). For a given pressure and flow characteristic curve, there is a curve of power and flow characteristics. When the blower is operated at a constant speed, the required power is increased with a decrease in the intake air temperature for a given flow rate.

In the process of working, the centrifugal fan of plastic machinery needs to be considered comprehensively according to the actual conditions, because of its different working situation and production requirements, so when selecting the centrifugal fan equipment, it is necessary to consider it comprehensively according to the actual conditions. In order to meet the practical requirements of users, when designing the structure of centrifugal fan equipment, it is also necessary to design it from the user's point of view. First of all, the reasonable selection of blades is a structural form.

The centrifugal fan of the plastic machinery needs to pay attention to the selection of suitable transmission modes, for the requirements of the speed of the centrifugal fan equipment, and also to take into account the working environment of the fan equipment. In the case of high temperature and dusty working environment conditions, the selected transmission mode shall also take into account the protection and cooling problems of the electric motor and the bearing. The overall dimensions of the volute are then selected and, in general, the volute dimensions should be as small as possible.