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Centrifugal fan space

Jan 16, 2017

Domestic centrifugal wind machine manufacturers main products has large industrial blower, and ventilation machine, and gas blower, and coke oven blower, and multilevel high pressure centrifugal blower, and single level high-speed centrifugal blower, more than 50 multiple series, more than 400 more species specifications of energy-saving centrifugal wind machine products, widely application Yu steel smelting, and fire power, and new dry method cement, and oil chemical, and sewage processing, and heat recycling, and gas recycling and the nuclear power, field.

Traditional business benefit energy-saving transformation, future three years capacity alternative market capacity 2.16 billion yuan currently domestic large industrial centrifugal wind machine business income 95% above from steel, and cement, and thermal power, and petrochemical four industry, although steel, and cement, industry has appeared capacity excess problem, added capacity of construction will slowed, but with China for mass industry structure upgrade, will in to big generation small, and energy-saving consumption, and industrial environmental, energy-saving transformation project of continued for, will produced large centrifugal wind machine of needs. According to the State Council notice on further strengthening the work of eliminating backward production capacity, requested closed during 2-3 of iron and steel, cement, power and backward production capacity of 100 million tons. According to initial estimates, downstream industries of mass market alternative will increase production of large centrifugal fan capacity of 2.16 billion yuan. Core competitive advantages lie in leading research and development strength and excellent + energy + service "three models".