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Centrifugal fans constitute application notes and type judgments

Jun 22, 2017

1. The structure of centrifugal fan

It mainly consists of casing, main shaft, impeller, bearing transmission mechanism and electric motor. The casing has kinds of semi-open and unitary type. As to impeller, it includes blade, curved front plate, and the flat plate. And transmission part comprises main shaft, bearing housing, antifriction bearing and belt pulley.

2. Application of centrifugal blower fan

The application of centrifugal fan is very wide, summed up as the following three kinds.

First: ventilation, cooling and dust exhaust for the factory, mine, tunnel, ship, cooling tower and building.

Second: ventilation and suction for boiler and industrial kiln.

Third: ventilation and cooling for electrical appliance and energy conservation equipment. In addition, also used in the grain drying and sending.

3. Left-handed or right-handed judgment

Seeing from the motor side, if the impeller rotate clockwise, it is right-handed. On the contrary, it is left-handed.

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