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Characteristics and advantages of centrifugal Fan Unit structure

Mar 30, 2018

It is found that the structure of centrifugal fan is thick and solid, which is due to the fact that the structure of centrifugal fan is composed of a single stretch of advanced metal cold forming machine in China, the box plate is a compound plate structure, and the inner layer is a silencing material. This is not only more stable, but also more stable. And it can further reduce the noise.

The centrifugal fan impeller is a multi leaf wing forward impeller. Compared with the conventional varieties, the centrifugal fan has the characteristics of high power, low noise, large air volume, smooth operation, stable quality and durability. Its volute is made of high-quality galvanized steel or carbon steel sheet, mechanized and reliable.

The motors of centrifugal fans are divided into two types: type a and type b, which are installed outside the box for fire fighting and smoke exhaust, separated from the high temperature smoke exhaust system, so as to ensure that the fan operates continuously for more than 60 minutes under the condition of 300 ℃ high temperature. The energy is generated through the linkage of the belt and the bearing; Avoid direct touch with high temperature gas to reduce the number of motor life, and type b motor installed in the box, used in pipe positive pressure supply air, exhaust air, etc.

The centrifugal fan can be simply divided into two types, I. e. I is a single speed centrifugal fan, II is a double speed centrifugal fan and III is a high pressure fan. The centrifugal fan adopts the backward plate type centrifugal impeller, which has the characteristics of high rotational speed and high pressure.

The centrifugal fan can be connected directly with the air pipe or the landing device. The device can choose the straight horizontal landing device and hoisting device, the landing device needs to install the shock absorber system, and the bandage spring shock absorber hanger is fixed with the wire rod. A useful damping system is installed to attenuate the oscillation of the machine itself, to reduce the transmission of the oscillation force, to block the transmission of the oscillation force, and to ensure the normal operation of the fan.http://www.jnblower.com/