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Characteristics and advantages of centrifugal fan for industrial ventilation

Sep 15, 2020

Industrial air exchange centrifugal fan can be used in many places, such as factory workshop or basement for exhaust air and dust removal. This fan has the characteristics of low power consumption, high efficiency, quiet and durable. Compared with similar products, it has lower noise, lower vibration and better industrial experience. The industrial air exchange centrifugal fan adopts multi-wing impeller, so the aerodynamic performance of the fan is better than that of the ordinary fan. The unique arc design of the blade greatly improves the air volume intensity. And in the working process, the impeller is not easy to distort deformation, its speed is large, so the exhaust volume is large. According to the system parameters, the centrifugal fan runs more smoothly. This kind of high quality and durable centrifugal fan not only optimizes the structure in the design, but also greatly improves the exhaust efficiency. The surface of centrifugal fan adopts thickened iron and steel plate, which has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, is not easy to rust and crack, and compared with other fans, the seismic resistance of fan is better. The professional centrifugal fan adopts direct drive design, high grade motor, fine bearing and all copper machine core, which makes the fan more safe and stable. Centrifugal fan can work in a variety of environmental conditions, will not reduce its shock absorption and noise reduction effect, can still maintain stable operation. It adopts the integrated molding design of grinding tools, the quality is high, and the influence of environmental factors on the fan has been fully considered in the design, so the structure optimization is carried out. As a centrifugal fan, the metal machine provides a guarantee for its service life, so its fuselage strength is high, and the external machine surface has done a good job of anticorrosion measures in advance, with super corrosion resistance; the internal motor consumes less power and has a long life. To sum up, the centrifugal fan opens a new mode of air extraction and ventilation, which can effectively discharge harmful gases such as oil, gas, dust, hot gas and pm2.5 gas to ensure space safety.