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Characteristics and Structure of Axial Flow Fan

Oct 27, 2020

Axial fans are famous because of the fact that the cyclone of the fan is parallel to the drive shaft of the fan. Its main purpose is very common. Common household fans and cooling fans for outdoor air conditioners are axial fans.

The most obvious characteristics of the performance of axial flow fans are large exhaust air volume, low air discharge, relatively low static pressure regulations, and relatively large total flow regulations.

The structure of the axial fan:

In order to facilitate the installation and use of customers, in addition to the original machine, the axial flow fan generally has the following 4 structural forms:

4 structural forms of axial fans

These four structural forms are mainly designed to facilitate customer installation. However, when they are used in specific applications, the four structural forms have certain hazards to performance, and their performance damages are ranked as follows:

a. Fan + dust cover: its performance is the least damaged, and the performance curve is basically equivalent to the original machine;

b. Fan + direct-out control panel dust cover: the air inlet of the fan is arc-shaped, and the vent is straight-tube shape;

c. Fan + direct-entry control panel dust cover: the opposite of b, the air inlet of the fan is straight cylindrical, and the vent is arc-shaped;

d. Fan + drum: The air inlet and vent of the fan are all straight cylindrical, and the performance of the fan is greatly damaged at this time.