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Check and replace operation of centrifugal fan belt

Mar 25, 2019

Check and replace operation of centrifugal fan belt

The triangle belt is a vulnerable part, and the wear degree should be checked regularly. If surface wear is serious and cracks are transverse, a new belt should be replaced.

First, prerequisites for replacing the belt:

1. The belt tightness is not consistent after the belt of the centrifugal fan is properly adjusted.

2. The skin has a fracture crack or has already broken.

3. The belt of the centrifugal fan is seriously worn and the loss of the rotating fan is obvious.

Second, the operation of replacing the belt:

1. Before replacing the centrifugal fan belt, the power should be shut down first, and then the operation should be carried out after the fan is stabilized.

2. Changing the belt requires two people to work and maintain a certain light intensity on the spot (usually with streetlights, bright flashlights, etc.).

3. Loosen the locating bolt on the base of the four motor with a suitable ring spanner or an open-end wrench (with the use of a ring spanner as a priority).

4. Loosen the fixing device for adjusting the top wire near the wind wheel side of the motor, adjust the regulating top wire on the side of the motor surface cooler, and minimize the spacing between the fan pulley and the motor pulley (if the spacing between the pulley and pulley is not small enough if the one-time adjustment of the pulley is not small enough, Can move forward the motor surface cooler side of the adjustment device, continue to adjust until appropriate).

5. If the motor belt is two, the outside belt is removed outward and removed from the smaller pulley, touch the lower side of the belt with the inside three fingers of one hand at the bottom of the belt, then force outward, turn the belt clockwise to remove it. Remove the inside belt to the inside.

6. If the motor belt is multiple (three or more), the inner and outer sides of the belt are removed by the same method as the two belts, and the middle belt moves one by one to the two sides one by one. At the same time, the response should be rapid, timely evacuation of the hand to a safe area.

7. During the removal process, it is strictly forbidden to operate the two persons, and one person shall be operated and one person shall be monitored on site.

8. When installing the belt, set the belt on the corresponding larger belt pulley, and then press the lower part of the belt with the finger to install them one by one.

9. Adjust the tenacity of the belt. Loose motor surface cooler side adjustment positioning bolt. The adjusting bolt on the side of the wind wheel of the motor is fixed and the top wire is adjusted so that the distance between pulleys is gradually increased.

10.Check the tightness of the belt. The standard is to press the center of the belt with your fingers. Press 10-20MM, and the tightness of several belts is the same.www.jnblower.com