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Classification and structural requirements of Air-conditioning Fan according to Voltage

Aug 10, 2018

Direct air-conditioner fan can be divided into single-phase and three-phase according to voltage. The single-phase external rotor fan is mainly used for smokeless barbecue car or some occasions without three-phase electricity. The air conditioner fan with belt drive is divided into two types: common type and reinforced type. The principle of division is the double inlet air conditioner centrifugal fan with the rear blade of the belt drive. Generally, when the speed of impeller line is 3200~3600m/min, it is necessary to strengthen the safety treatment .edk belt drive forward multi-wing double inlet centrifugal fan, and generally to strengthen the safety treatment with the speed of impeller line when 1600~2000m/min.

The belt drive forward multi-wing fan of direct air-conditioner fan should be adjusted in combination with the actual motor in addition to being divided into ordinary and strengthened according to the linear speed. External rotor centrifugal fans are widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories and other construction facilities, as air conditioning equipment or ventilation for ventilation.

The air-conditioner fan can transmit airflow efficiently while maintaining low noise level in the process of operation. In structure, it mainly adopts its high quality steel plate, which is riveted and welded after punching by its advanced technology, so the structure is compact and firm. Small size, easy to install and maintain.http://www.jnblower.com/