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Classification of Axial Fan and how to distinguish it from negative Fan

Aug 03, 2018

The axial fan in the fan is widely used and can be used in many industries and fields. Therefore, this type of fan is widely used, and in order to be able to use correctly and rationally, the study and solution of the axial fan will be carried out to achieve the above purpose and have good economic performance. Economic benefits.

1. Roots fan, centrifugal fan and axial fan, these three can be equivalent to the two?

From a professional point of view, Roots fan is neither equal to centrifugal fan nor axial fan, and there are many differences between centrifugal fan and axial fan. Therefore, it can be concluded that the Roots fan, centrifugal fan and axial fan are not equivalent, because these are three different types of fan.

2. Why does the current change in the inlet of the axial fan? In addition, the high efficiency low noise axial flow fan, is it for the fan or the exhaust air machine?

In order to block the inlet of the axial fan, because the fan blade and the circular wall of the fan are very close to each other, the negative pressure will be formed inside the fan, which will affect the fan load and fan current and cause the change of the axial fan current, which will generally increase. It should be noted, however, that if the fan current is too large, then the axial flow fan in the use of problems.

The main feature of high efficiency and low noise axial flow fan is its low speed and low air pressure, so, from a professional point of view, it belongs to the ventilator rather than the exhaust fan. Moreover, from another point of view, the exhaust machine is characterized by a large amount of instantaneous exhaust air and high design air pressure, so it has operating noise. These are also completely different from high-efficiency low-noise axial flow fans.

3. Distinction between Axial flow Fan and negative pressure Fan

Although the axial flow fan and the negative pressure fan are both in this kind of fan, they are two different kinds of fan, so we must distinguish correctly so as to avoid the problem in use. And how to distinguish, generally speaking, is to see whether there is a strong air flow around the axis of the fan, some are negative pressure fan, vice versa is the axial fan.http://www.jnblower.com/