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Classification of Ventilation fan Wuxi JN Fan Factory

Mar 21, 2017

Classification of Ventilation fan

1according to air flow direction

(1)  Centrifugal fan: the air moves in radial direction

(2)  Axial flow fan: the air moves in axial direction

(3)  Mixed flow fan

2 according to pressure

Under normal condition, the total pressure of ventilation fan is below 14710pa.

(1)  Low pressure centrifugal fan: PtF≤980Pa

(2)  Medium pressure centrifugal fan: PtF=980~2942pa

(3)  High pressure centrifugal fan: PtF=2942~14710pa

(4)  Low pressure axial fan: PtF≤493pa

(5)  High pressure axial fan: PtF=493~4930pa