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Clean maintenance and Fan efficiency of Air-Conditioning Fan

Jul 06, 2018

The air conditioner fan has compact structure, high energy saving and high efficiency in operation, it can change the rotational speed when it is used, it is very convenient and low noise when it is installed, the whole equipment is small in volume, high in pressure, small in vibration and large in air volume. Equipped with three-phase voltage regulator or frequency converter, can implement stepless speed regulation, air conditioning, purification and other industries ideal supporting products.

Air-conditioning fan is mainly made up of shell, impeller, inlet and outer rotor motor.

1. The shell of air conditioner fan is mainly made of galvanized steel plate or high quality cold rolled bite in the process of making. The shape of the equipment is smooth, with good heat resistance, moisture resistance, and durable.

2. The impeller of the air-conditioner fan, the front and back multi-wing circular arc blade and the front disc of the whole equipment, the riveting molding of the middle disk, will effectively pass through its strict dynamic and static balance correction in the process of making, to ensure the smooth operation, high efficiency and low noise.

3. in the process of making the air inlet of the air conditioner, the cross section of the die processing to a certain extent parallel to the axis is streamlined, which makes the gas flowing and the resistance is small.

4. the outer rotor motor of the air conditioner is fixed on the two axis end of the motor to the inlet of the air inlet. The impeller is directly connected with the rotating shell of the motor, which reduces the transmission loss and improves the efficiency of the fan.


Clean maintenance of Air conditioning Fan

1. To a certain extent, air conditioning fans should regularly clean their fan coils. After using the fan coil units for a period of time, dust and germs will accumulate on their fins and impellers, and when the dust reaches a certain thickness, The effect of fin heat dissipation will be affected, resulting in the room temperature can not meet the requirements. In addition, if the fan coil is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed a variety of bacteria and cause diseases in human respiratory tract. When the coil fan unit is used for the first time in summer, the temperature of cold water should be controlled so that it can be gradually reduced to the design water temperature, so as to avoid the phenomenon of condensation and dripping from the shell and inlet and outlet due to the sudden entry of cold water with lower temperature. Gas welding should be used to repair the leakage caused by freezing crack or corrosion when the coil tube is found.

2 . Clean the air filter regularly . The replacement cycle shall be determined by the environment of the unit , the working time and the use conditions of the unit . When the general unit is continuously working , the air filter shall be cleaned every half a month , and once a year , the air filter shall be replaced once a year .