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Cleaning and maintenance of air-conditioning fan and main form

Jul 03, 2019

The air-conditioning fan can be divided into three types: centrifugal, cross-flow and axial-flow.

1centrifugal: The air in the air conditioning fan is acted by centrifugal force and produces vacuum in the center of the impeller. After the inhaled air is turned 90 ┬░at the inlet of the impeller, it enters the flow channel formed by the blade, and obtains kinetic energy and pressure energy under the action of the blade. The air flow from the blade channel enters the volute, and after concentration and diversion, it is discharged from the outlet.

2 Cross flow: also known as tubular fan, air flow from the impeller open into the cascade radially, through the impeller inside, from the other side of the cascade into the volute, forming a working air flow.

3 Axial flow: The air flow in the air-conditioning fan flows axially in the impeller.

Clean maintenance of air conditioning fan

1. The fan coil shall be cleaned on a regular basis. after the fan coil pipe is used for a certain period of time, the fins and the impeller are provided with dust and germs, and when the dust reaches a certain thickness, the heat dissipation effect of the fins can be influenced, the temperature of the room can not reach the requirement, and if the fan coil is not cleaned for a long time, the fan coil can easily breed a plurality of germs, Causing diseases on the respiratory tract of the human body. When the coil fan unit is started for the first time in the summer, the cold water temperature shall be controlled so as to be gradually reduced to the designed water temperature, so that the cold water with lower temperature suddenly can be avoided, and the dew condensation and water dropping phenomenon in the shell and the water inlet and the water outlet can be avoided. When the coil is found to have leakage due to frost cracking or corrosion, it shall be repaired in time by using gas welding.

2. Clean the air filter on a regular basis. The change cycle shall be determined by the environment of the unit, the working time and the working conditions of each day, and the air filter shall be cleaned every half a month and one year after one year.

3. The fan blades of the unit shall be adhered with a lot of dust during the long-term operation, and the working efficiency of the fan is affected. Therefore, when there is obvious dust on the fan blade, it shall be cleaned in time by compressed air.www.jnblower.com