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Common faults and troubleshooting tables

Jul 21, 2018


Fault name

Cause of failure

Elimination method


The pressure is too high, the discharge flow is reduced.

Gas composition change, gas temperature is too low, or gas solid impurities increase, gas density increases.

Exhaust pipes and valves are clogged with dust, soot and debris.

Dust, soot and sundries in intake pipes, valves or covers.

Outlet pipe rupture, or its pipe flange seal is not tight.

Seal ring damage is too large, impeller blade wear.

1. Determine the gas density and eliminate the reasons for the increase of the gas density.

2, open large outlet valve, or carry out cleaning.

3, open large intake valve door, or carry out cleaning.

4, weld cracks, or replace pipe flange gaskets

5 . Replace sealing ring , blade or impeller


Too low pressure, too much discharge

Gas composition change, gas temperature is too high, or gas contains solid impurities reduce the density of gas.

The inlet duct ruptures, or the pipe flange is tightly sealed.

1. Determine the gas density and eliminate the reasons for the decrease of the gas density.

2, welding cracks, or replacing pipe flange gaskets


Ventilation system regulation failure

Pressure gauge failure, valve failure or jam, so that the flow and pressure can not be adjusted as needed.

Because of the small flow rate, the blockage of the pipe and the sharp decrease or stop of the flow rate, it is the unstable area (flying zone) of the fan that works, which produces the phenomenon of countercurrent counterattack fan rotor.

Repair or replace pressure gauges and repair valves.

If flow rate is reduced, bypass valve should be opened, or rotational speed should be reduced.


Fan pressure reduction

The pipeline resistance curve changes, the resistance increases, the fan working point changes.

Ventilator manufacturing quality is poor, or fan serious wear.

Fan speed reduction

Ventilator working in unstable area

Adjust pipeline resistance curve, reduce resistance, change fan working point.

Overhaul the ventilator.

Increase fan speed.

Adjust fan working area.