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Common faults of Fan and its causes

Apr 05, 2019

1 Fan vibration

First, check the fan impeller axis bending, and then check the fan inlet and impeller grinding. Axial fan check for displacement or friction between coupling, handle and adjust fan motor or replace coupling. Check if there are too many crystals in the fan impeller and handle the crystal on the cleaning impeller. Finally, check whether the impeller is out of balance and check whether the fan foundation platform is firm or not, and increase the strength and horizontal level of the foundation platform.

2 High noise

Check fan bearing for damage, deal with replacement fan bearing. Check the fan inlet for friction with the fan impeller, trim the inlet or move the bearing back. Check duct for noise, co-shock, duct wall is too thin, handle duct increase support or add sound insulation cotton to duct. Check the fan for suction of foreign matter, duct clogging, if there is foreign body blockage must be cleared in time.

3 current overload

Check whether the fan exceeds the rated speed, adjust to the rated speed, and check whether the field system has excessive resistance to the model selection and replace the model. Check whether the observation hole or window of the field air pipe is closed, so that the motor current of the glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion fan is overloaded, and the window and the observation hole are closed. Check whether the running direction of the fan impeller is wrong, and handle the correct operation direction of the fan impeller. Remember to check if the current meter you are using is in compliance with the standard.

4 The air volume of the fan is getting smaller and smaller.

Check whether the system pressure conforms to the design parameters, check the fan duct leakage, check the duct regularly and timely, and handle it accordingly. Then adjust the fan pulley according to the field system pressure to meet the performance of the on-site fan, finally check whether the fan belt is damaged or loose, step up the adjustment of belt tenacity or replace the belt.www.jnblower.com