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Comparison of Application of Axial flow Fan and centrifugal Fan and personnel requirement of Axial flow Fan

Apr 17, 2018

1. Common types of axial fan

Axial-flow fan is one of the fans, so it also has a few common types, such as a small axial fan with a power supply of 220V, and an explosion-proof axial fan. In the specific model, there are t 35-11 axial flow fan. Therefore, we should be familiar with and understand these common types of axial fan in order to know how to make use of them in practice.

2. Is the application of axial fan and centrifugal fan different?

Axial flow fan and centrifugal fan, these are two common types of fan. However, they do not apply exactly the same situation. If the pipe has more bends, the distance between the air and the air supply is longer and the resistance of the pipe is larger, the centrifugal fan should be used instead of the axial flow fan. However, in some cases or situations, both axial flow fans and centrifugal fans can be used, but not many.

3. The requirements of the number of people in the Test run of Axial flow Fan and its relationship with the Blower

Axial flow fan, in the test work, in the number of people are specific requirements. From the professional point of view, it requires not less than two people, one person to control the power supply, the other person to observe the operation of the axial fan, in order to find abnormal can be dealt with in a timely manner, such as immediate stop check. Wait until the trouble is removed, then turn on the machine.

There is a great relationship between the axial fan and the blower, because the axial fan can be a blower when the load is behind the air outlet, but if the load is before the air inlet, then it is an induced fan. In addition, fan small and size, the strength of the housing design requirements, is not the same.http://www.jnblower.com/