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Comparison of mechanical ventilation on axial fans and instructions for drawing electrical drawings

Nov 27, 2017

1. The difference between axial fan and centrifugal fan in mechanical ventilation

If axial fan is used for slow speed ventilation, there will be no condensation phenomenon. But if the centrifugal fan is used, in the early stage of ventilation, condensation may occur. Therefore, the conclusion can be drawn that, using axial flow fan to carry out slow speed ventilation has the advantages of good cooling effect and low energy consumption. But with centrifugal fan, the effect of cooling and precipitation is obvious, but the energy consumption is much larger.

So, to sum up, if the main purpose is to cool down, then the axial fan should be used. if the main purpose is to precipitation, then the  centrifugal fan should be used.


2. Axial fan No10A, what does it mean? In addition, in the electrical wiring diagram, the axial fan drawing, what are the instructions?

Axial fan No10A, its specific meaning, if from a professional point of view, refers to the number 10 fan. And if the number is different, then the fan has different air flow and wind pressure, So, in the fan selection we should look at the manufacturer's selection manual.