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Comparison of wind pressure between axial fan and other fans and model selection

Oct 24, 2017

1 Axial fan, and what can it also be called? Can it be used in industrial and mining enterprises?

Axial fan, and it can be called local fan. It also can be used in industrial and mining enterprises. In addition, the motor and fan blade are all in a cylinder. Therefore, the shape of the fan is a cylinder shape, mainly for ventilation.


2 Centrifugal fan, axial flow fan and roots blower, wind pressure of the three fan, which one is bigger? And is it the same for run noise of different axial fans?

Centrifugal fans and axial fans, their wind pressure is generally not more than 20KPa.But the blower pressure can reach 150kPa.So the pressure of roots blower is bigger. And different axial fan, its operating noise is not the same. And if it is super silent model, the operating noise is very small, only 50dB.


3 What fan is used for air supply and ventilation in basement? And are there energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency levels on axial fans?


The mixed air blower should be used in the basement air supply. The axial flow fan should be used for ventilation. The axial fan, so far, there is no specific energy limit value and energy efficiency level of specific provisions or requirements, so its manufacturers can be based on the actual situation, etc.