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Components of boiler induced fans

Apr 20, 2019

Boiler induced draft fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, inlet, regulating door and transmission.

1. impeller

Welded between an arc-shaped wheel cover and a flat wheel disk by 12 rear-tilting blades. Because of the use of wing-shaped blades, it ensures the high efficiency, low noise and high strength of the fan. Impeller by static, dynamic balance correction smooth operation. For the same machine number, the impeller structure of the ventilation fan and induced draft fan is the same.

2. casing

The case is a volute formed by welding with ordinary steel plates. Integral structure of fan case. For the induced draft fan, there is a clean ash door on the worm plate, at the same time, it is thickened properly to prevent the soot wear and prolong its service life.


To converge the overall streamline structure, bolts are fixed on the inlet side of the housing.

4.Air damper

A device used to adjust the flow rate of a fan, installed in front of the inlet. Because of the structure of external transmission, the rotation is flexible and convenient. The adjustment range is from 90 °(completely closed) to 0 °(fully open). Adjust the handle position of the door, from the inlet direction, on the right. For the right-hand fan, the push from down to up is completely closed to the full open direction, and for the left-hand fan, the pull from up to down is from completely closed to full-open direction.

In order to make all parts of the adjusting door work properly, it must be lubricated very well. Adjusting door to ventilator. For the induced draft fan, because the gas temperature is relatively high, the grease is lubricated with molybdenum disulfide grease at high temperature (260 ), and the lubrication effect can be guaranteed when the grease is in operation at high temperature.

5. Transmission group

All drive modes are d-type. It is composed of spindle, bearing box, coupling and so on. The spindle is made of high quality steel. Use rolling bearing water-cooled integral bearing box. Therefore, it needs to add water pipes, water consumption varies with the ambient temperature, generally considered as 0.5~1m3/h. The bearing box is fitted with thermometers and oil level indicators. Lubricating oil is full loss system oil LJAN46.

Utility of boiler induced fan: It can be widely used in dust collection, incinerator exhaust, voc organic exhaust, high temperature exhaust, semiconductor process and forced air supply.www.jnblower.com