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Composition of Intelligent Control system for centrifugal Fan

Jan 07, 2019

After the centrifugal fan is equipped with the intelligent control system, it can operate intelligently only after setting up the data of the fan, which is due to the unified cooperation of each component system, which plays a different role. According to the air volume automatic start up, stop fan, realize the rotation of centrifugal fan automatically, make reasonable dispatch this system manual control has priority control right, ensure that even if the system malfunction, Also can realize the normal operation of the fan under the manual control.


When the sensor, sub-station, main station, transmission cable and other equipment in the centrifugal fan system fail, alarm and record the fault time, fault equipment, for query and printing system mainframe dual backup, and has the function of automatic switching. When the working mainframe breaks down, the backup host is put into operation, and the high temperature fan ensures the normal operation of the system has man-machine dialogue function, so as to facilitate system generation, parameter modification, function call has lightning protection measures to prevent lightning destruction equipment.



The field monitoring and control part of centrifugal fan consists of control cpu, fan management and control software and manual centralized operation panel. The automatic monitoring system is composed of control computer and management control software, which is responsible for sorting and analyzing the data transmitted by the module, making decision according to the control strategy, and storing the data record. Manual centralized operation panel and automatic monitoring system parallel to achieve the control function.


The data acquisition in the process of centrifugal fan operation is accomplished by intelligent module, which detects the state of sensor and transmits the data to the control computer through the communication module. This intelligent control system is more convenient for people to operate, simple, time-saving and labor-saving, but also can display the data intuitively, convenient for people to understand the field conditions.www.jnblower.com