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Consideration should be given to the installation of centrifugal Fan in Power Station and its Operation requirement

Mar 10, 2019

When the impeller of the centrifugal fan of the power station rotates, the air in the blade path can be moved outwards by the centrifugal force, and the vacuum degree is generated in the center of the impeller, and the air is sucked in from the air inlet in the axial direction. The sucked air is folded at the inlet of the impeller for 90 & deg;, then enters the blade channel, and the kinetic energy and the pressure energy are obtained under the action of the blade. The air flow enters the volute after being thrown out from the blade, and is discharged from the air outlet after being concentrated and guided.


The installation work of the centrifugal fan of the power station is to be considered well

1. The annular environment of centrifugal fan in power station should be suitable in order to be able to accomplish the required work efficiently.

2. The installation of the fan shall be horizontal, sturdy, and shall exceed 200 mm in height.

3. The relevant accessories used to install the fan shall meet the requirements.

4. The hose should not be distorted during the operation of the system, and the installation of the flexible degree should be moderate;

5. The steel bracket of the fan shall be provided in accordance with the regulations and shall be fixed on the concrete foundation.www.jnblower.com