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Control measures of High-pressure stainless Steel Fan during hoisting

Mar 03, 2019

The high-pressure stainless steel fan can be widely used for the exhaust and exhaust of corrosive acid-base gas, the treatment of waste gas, the deodorization of the sewage and the like, and the environment containing the corrosive gas.

When the high-pressure stainless steel fan is hoisting, the dangerous area should be drawn around the hoisting area, and the safety guard rope should be drawn around the lifting operation area, and non-operational personnel shall be strictly forbidden to enter or pass through; Special personnel should be arranged for on-site safety management during hoisting to ensure compliance with operating procedures and implementation of safety measures. To prevent electric shock, electric tools should have acceptance of qualified labels.

Stainless steel fan manufacturers should check before use to ensure intact. The plug should be firmly plugged in when in use. The power box is equipped with leakage protection device, and has good grounding; Check the high-voltage stainless steel fan power box, distribution panel and electric welding machine regularly to ensure that the switch, socket and leakage protection device of the high-voltage stainless steel fan are in good condition.