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Correct connection method of Fan soft connection

Apr 13, 2019

Fan soft connection refers to the soft connection of high temperature fan. The fire resistant layer of fan soft connection is made of silicone rubber fire-proof cloth. This kind of silicone rubber fire-proof cloth has superior performance such as high temperature resistance, anti-aging, sealing, fire prevention and so on.

the invention is used for the soft connection of the fire-fighting smoke-proof and high-temperature fan port, adopts a high-temperature-resistant material, is specially used for the soft connection between the inlet and the outlet of the smoke-exhaust fan and the smoke exhaust pipeline. The application of the fan soft connection greatly reduces the personal injury caused by the fire, and is an indispensable part of the construction, human anti-engineering, subway engineering, public place and ship fire-fighting smoke-discharging system. The fire-proof soft connection has the advantages of anti-corrosion, shock-absorbing, non-combustible and good sealing.www.jnblower.com