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Correct selection of the solution of centrifugal Fan

Sep 14, 2018

The correct and reasonable selection of centrifugal fan is a very important step to ensure the normal and economical operation of ventilation and pneumatic conveying system. And the centrifugal fan to work under such air volume and pressure, the highest efficiency or within its economic use range.


For the convenience of user selection, the sample of centrifugal fan contains the performance curve and selection curve of various types of fan, and the fan with different types and machine numbers is compiled with certain symbols and parameters. Therefore, in the fan selection, must be familiar with the product samples.


In order to make the centrifugal fan run stably, the centrifugal fan should work near its maximum efficiency point, the working point of the centrifugal fan is located on the right side of the full pressure peak point in the performance curve. Centrifugal fan selection design operating efficiency, should not be less than the maximum fan efficiency 90. First, different types of centrifugal fans are selected according to the physical, chemical properties, and uses of the gas to be transported.


When the centrifugal fan installs the pipe, it takes into account the air leakage loss, the calculation error of the pipeline system, and the negative deviation of the actual air volume and the air pressure of the centrifugal fan. When the centrifugal fan is selected, the safety factor of the air volume is 1.05m 1.1and the wind pressure is 1.101.15. In order to prevent centrifugal fan from running in low efficiency area for a long time, too much safety factor should not be adopted.


When choosing centrifugal fan, not only one-time investment should be considered, but also the long-term economic effect should be considered. It should be compared carefully, giving priority to products with higher efficiency, smaller machine size, lighter weight and larger adjustment range. The best choice of the same type of centrifugal fan style machine parallel or series.http://www.jnblower.com/